• Setup Area: 20x20x24
    • Outlets: 1
    • Attendants: 1

    • $300.00
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Welcome To THUNDERDOME!!!!

When it is time to settle the score, bring it to ThunderDome.  This first of its kind unit lets you battle with Joust Sticks or BattleBall with 4 wrecking balls for a 5 man beatdown.  For Joust, both competitors meet on the rock and roll top to see who can push the other off.  For BattleBall, one competitor takes his place at the center of the rock and roll top, and four other combatants swing foam filled wrecking balls to dethrone Mad Max.  Our Hixson customers love the multi use unit of ThunderDome.  

 This interactive inflatable is an extreme challenge of agility and stamina. One person stands on the inflatable pedestal in the center of the game while up to four people swing the wrecking balls at them. You must try to duck and dodge the wrecking balls or withstand the blows all while trying to remain upright. Find out who can stand the longest inside the ThunderDome game. This is a great multiplayer game for all kinds of outdoor events and parties. 
  • This is the Ultimate Rage in the Cage
  • Rock and Roll top amps up the difficulty
  • Plays two ways


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